Mother’s day- the first thought to come to your mind must be a mentally-conjured picture of your mom, preferably smiling with her eyes closed, right back at you. What is she holding? Wearing? Kitchen mittens? An apron? Is there any other memory of her which you can remember where she isn’t fawning over you or rushing to help you out? According to psychological research, we tend to remember briefly the strongest memories of our beloved ones. That may as well be a fight you’ve had with your parents, or the daily mundane routine and motions you go through in your life for years afterwards. Hence when it comes to days like this, when you celebrate the virtues of womanhood along with your mother- the first question to boggle your mind is usually along the lines of what you could get her on a special occasion such as the one Mother’s Day poses. And we never quite know what to get her, do we?

Now you do. Because you’re here, reading this blog. In this blog, we have penned down the secret to knowing and celebrating a woman’s true and honest, golden and exhilarating big heart. It’s flowers; the basic expansive arrangement of petals and stems, roots and thorns, all combined can leave a lasting impression on an expectant soul. Furthermore, each bouquet in this collection weaves a different message; something as small and simple as a boxed acrylic arrangement is immanent in love itself. Just pick a colour and a scent, preferably ones you think your mother would approve of- and lo and behold, you shall find both or all of these properties wrapped up in a box or better yet, an acrylic pot!

On that note, we have gone forward and cut you some slack. Following is our top five exclusive listing available on offers for a very special and grand Mother’s day this year.

ACRYLIC BOX : White Acrylic Box

A single, delicate fuchsia-hued rose sits in this acrylic box. If you are someone who doesn’t like the grande parade and would rather opt for something minimalist and soft-spoken in nature- this is our pick for you. After-all as is the cultural norm for the hopeless romantics set in 50’s Hollywood movies, nothing says I love you greater than a rose. A deep scarlet rose, in fact but let’s just agree your mother knows the depth of your love for her regardless. Baby pink might be the token gender-assigned color, but it’s also a carrier of subtle virtues such as honesty, sobriety and empathy- qualities a mother who is a woman first is known to have.


Go all out on your splurging- and gift her flowers bouquet as grand as this one.  Soft pastel white Neapolitan roses that captivate your eyes and leave an impression on your soul with equally soothing baby brown ferns and autumn leaves. You cannot help but succumb to their regal splendor and so will your dear mother. It shall sit atop her office desk, adorning her working space and household with a lilting touch so somber and gay; the warmth exuding from it will be felt quite vicariously.

DRIED FLOWERS: Purple Clouds

Perfect blue mini hydrangeas, ferns and roses doused in the beauty of the ocean, imitating the clear blue sky. These are also available in vivid shades of purple and violet, rightfully enunciating the artful textures of the particular arrangement so as to create a look that is an anamorphous cross between modern abstract art and aesthetic essence. This one’s an acquired taste- raw and powerful comes to a woman’s second nature. If you are picky, then this particular arrangement of flowers will not disappoint you.

DRIED FLOWERS: Black & White Monochrome 

Ivory white mini roses, orchard-fresh with an overpowering scent that is bewitching and wraps you in a trance you can’t break out of. With a hint of gothic touch in all its rooted, black ferns and roses, it’s the perfect candidate for someone with a very fashioned and a keen particular taste for bouquets. If your mother is a person accustomed to high heels, fedora hats and coats, you have your answer.

DRIED FLOWERS: Small Bouquet Red Hues

Last but definitely not the least on this list, the all-out and about, parade bonanza and extravaganza in all its glory- is our super deluxe, dried flowers- small bouquet edition. It has tints of maroons, yellows and reds coming together in a wholesome, jovial palate. The right word(s) for this collection of flowers would be- the setting spring. So this spring, why not splash a little more color on your mother- maintaining of course the safety norms, hence our solution to you will come wrapped up in a small acrylic box.

The flowers used in our arrangements come from Ecuador and Colombia, carefully chosen to adhere to our strict quality standards. Using Parisian technique in preserving flowers, Fleur Du Luxe Fleur Forever arrangements will maintain its beautiful appearance much longer than other flower arrangements when there is no direct contact to sunlight, excessive heat or moisture.

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