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This incredible arrangement is ombre gradient from white to black dried blooms with stunning shades of lilac & purple in between.

One meter tall and almost a meter wide, it is sure to impress!

For when you want something exotic, yet deliciously colorful that uplifts your entire being and then some.

  • This gorgeous arrangement will contain Fluffy Hydrangea, Ferns, Billy Buttons, Pampas Grass & Signature & Premium Everlasting Roses
  • Stylish large brass vase by Urban Eden & Co 19 cm x 16 cm. It is made from stainless steel coated with a polished brass finish. Rust resistant, leak-proof & easy to clean.
  • This dried flower assortment will last for at least 1 year guaranteed with no water necessary, leaving a lasting impression. 


Long-lasting, radiant, and visually stimulating pastel ruscus, black & white ferns & blue and lilac hydrangea and the best dried & preserved flowers come together in an exotic burst of purple passion.

Surprise your beloved and loved ones with supreme Fleur Du Luxe special dried flower assortments collection, ranging from the a mini flower box arrangements to grand gestures of huge banquet hall flower bouquets.

Wedding day celebrations, anniversaries, birthday parties, mother’s days or father’s, funeral arrangements, church choirs - our collection boasts of an enormous variety in selections, tastefully wrapped and quickly delivered as per the location in Sydney.

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