10 Floral Surprises for Your Valentine On This Valentines Day

10 Floral Surprises for Your Valentine On This Valentines Day

Love is like a warm feeling on a cool breezy winter night, wrapping you in its tepid arms and calling out loud to your loved ones to cherish all the time that you spent together. 

Valentine’s Day is dedicated to surprise your loved ones with all the affection and care that they deserve, the long lasting relationship has to be celebrated with a blast and while we’re talking about celebration, what’s better than surprising your partner with floral gifts? Absolutely nothing, right? 

No matter how hard you try, we would never be able to find ‘the perfect’ gift for people who want to keep us happy. Fleur du luxe provides an array of options with various designs and flowers to help you make gifting easier without scrolling through hours and hours to find a perfect gift but failing miserably. Here is a list of floral combos that you can consider gifting to your partners on this Valentine’s Day. 


There’s nothing better than red on a Valentine’s Day, this alluring box of roses contains an arrangement of 19 to 23 signature roses that varies from 4 to 6 centimetres that is beautifully blended in a white or black box. The box size is 22 cm in Depth x 18 cm in Height and the speciality of the roses is that it will at least last for a year with the same freshness. 



There’s nothing better than black and when the amalgamation of the colour takes with velvet texture, it’s an instant happiness for the person receiving it. If your partner likes to keep it classy and elegant with a touch of the cosy nature of the flowers, grab this arrangement of 19 to 23 flowers packed compactly in a white or a black box. The flowers used in the arrangement are extracted carefully from Ecuador and Colombia, we even use perisian technique to preserve the flowers and make them last at least for a year. 






For all those who like to keep it a little quirky, we have the perfect flower surprise for your loved ones. The illuminating colour is known to spread happiness while easing the pain and giving off a relaxing vibe. The arrangement consists of 9 signature roses and is packed in a box, the size of which is 13 x 13 x 11.5 cm. Make sure to keep it away from direct sunlight or excessive heat and moisture to keep the flower combo at its best. 


Valentine’s Day is a special one and so is the gold rose in this flower combo, the signature roses are known for its magnificent look, the premium box contains at least 9 signature roses of which one would be in golden colour to give off a luxurious look. The box size would be 13 x 13 x 11.5 cm and would last for a year, until you decide to bring its cousin home on the next Valentine’s Day. This is a very rare experiment of Fleur Dulux and is available in limited edition, so go grab one classy box before it goes out of stock. 


A little bit too much is never enough, a day as special as this one just can’t make you partner get enough love. This arrangement of 19 to 22 gold roses is for all those who like to show it off, out loud. The illuminating petal has the power to take your Instagram by storm, the gorgeous arrangement is meant to bring a wide smile on the face of your beloved darlings, so what are you waiting for? Go grab a pair and express your love towards your partners without trying much. 






When in love, even a little too less appears to be a little too much. This single luxurious golden flower is a symbol of monotonous nature you possess in life, be it in the form of your partner or be in the form of love that you possess for them, this fleur forever gold premium rose is packed in a box of size 8 x 8 x 8 cm and has the rose buds of 6 to 9 cm size. Available in a limited collection, the flower will simply take your breath away with its ethereal beauty. 


A great man once said that you only need two things to impress a woman, fragrance and beauty products. We took it quite too literally and brought it in real life, fellas now we have collaborated with Bobeh Co. and brought a surprise skin care range quilted with a layer of hydrangea petals. Packed with the necessary skin care products, the combo contains a Tanning mist which works as a magic trick when it comes to tanning and body oil to make your skin soft and supple while minimising the appearance of rigid cellulite layers, the essential oil penetrates deep into your skin, making it better. The second product that comes in the combo is Toning body cream which is made with the richness of almond nutrition without being too rough on your body. The constant use of this goodness will lead to a much better and elastic skin. Grab one for the skin care buff and bring a wide smile on their faces this Valentine’s. 


If you want something out of the box, we have a collection for that as well, this cute and impressive combination consists of Fluffy Hydrangea, Everlasting Rose and a Variety of Dried Flowers & Grasses. You can either select from the combination that is there in the picture or simply instruct about the colour. The flowers are packed in a mini  white ceramic vase the size of which is 14 cm in Height. This arrangement will last at least for three years in its truest form. This everlasting gift is a symbol of love that is monotonous and never ending. 


Two of the most significant gifts that are universally accepted and loved are cocktails and flowers. If you want to take a little extra step, you can grab this cocktail and flower gift combo which contains Aviation which is a blissful mixture of  floral and citrus flavours, the underrated classic is nothing less than a delight to keep it on the tongue as beautiful it is to watch. You can simply garnish it with a maraschino cherry or a lemon zest to increase it’s beauty and taste, for the best taste make sure to freeze it at least 30 minutes before serving it in a martini glass. 

The second surprise in this combo is 100 ml NEGRONI which is red in colour and is bitter in taste, like the classy red wine. Initially originated from Florence, Italy, this cocktail has now become one of the most ordered drinks in bars all around the world. You can simply garnish it with an orange zest and surprise your loved ones with the rare taste that it possesses, freeze it 30 minutes before serving it right from the refrigerator. Rub the orange zest at the rim of the glass before you drop it into your drink. 

The third and the last drink that the combo has is named as OLD FASHIONED, the 100 ml drink is enough to send you and your partner to your happy place. The timeless classic is a simple cocktail that is a blend of several tasty ingredients blended together. You can simply garnish it with an orange zest and surprise your loved ones with the rare taste that it possesses, freeze it 30 minutes before serving it right from the refrigerator. Rub the orange zest at the rim of the glass before you drop it into your drink. 


Some days are happy, some days are sad, life is a mixture of emotions and we know that you need to express it and what’s better than the blend of bright colours and neutral colours to show it off? The divine flowers that come with subtle scent will make your partner fall in love with you. The combination contains fluffy hydrangea, mums & china roses. Garden roses, peonies and carnations. 

Now that we have made it easier for you to pick the gifts for your partners from the wide variety of flowers that Fleur du luxe has to offer. The flowers are of amazing quality and last for at least a year. Make your Valentine’s Day special with us, give us a chance to make you and your partner happy and nurture the boundless love that thrives between you two. 

Blooming the relationships like petals of the flowers. 

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