How to choose the right gift - Rose Colour Meanings - Fleur Du Luxe

How to choose the right gift - Rose Colour Meanings

Say it with Fleur du Luxe Roses 
We all know that red roses are a symbol of love.
Sending a single red rose is saying ‘I love You’. Red roses mean love and passion. True romance, respect and appreciation. Deeper wine colour rose further stands for deeper passion and readiness for commitment. These shades will always be a popular choice for Valentine’s Day.
Pink roses represent grace & elegance. Light Pink rose in particular is perfect for a new romance, it also conveys gentleness, happiness and joy. Hot Pink shade is a message of gratitude, recognition and appreciation. It is a great way to say 'Thank You'. We often get orders for Pink blooms for Birthdays & Mother's Day. 
Our Lavender blooms are a unique and beautiful shade that signifies wonder & mystery, enchantment & splendor.  If you have a secret crush, this is the rose to send and let them know that it was love at first sight. It’s also said to represent femininity and gentleness, perfect for Mother’s Day gift for a special mom in your life. 
Electric Blue roses represent mystery, the unattainable. Gifting this shade of rose sends a message of ‘you are extraordinarily, wonderful & unique’. These roses are perfect for a person who loves something different and is not into traditional rose colours.
Black roses have many meanings, they symbolise new beginnings as well as major change. Gifting this shade can inspire confidence by signalling the birth of new era and can bring hope & courage.
Mint & Green are colours of life, abundant growth, renewal of life and energy. These beautiful and unique roses signify constant rejuvenation of spirit & fertility. It is a calming & pleasing colour, it will bring a sense of balance & peace to the human mind. It's a beautiful gift to send with a ‘Get well soon’ message as well.
Orange Fire as the name suggests is a bright and fiery shade, it stands for energy, desire,  & fascination. It’s a great way to let someone know that you are proud of them, it also lets them know you admire them. If you are feeling a little flat, place a box of orange blooms in your room to recharge and add a burst of energy!
Peach blooms are a sweet modest shade. It’s a beautiful way to show gratitude, it is an appropriate gift when closing a business deal or thanking a teacher. Peach rose is also a lovely way to express sympathy.
Sunny Yellow conveys warmth, delight & affection. It’s a great way to wish someone good luck as well as welcome them back. It’s a great way to cheer someone up as their bright colour is sure to bring joy!
Ivory & Nude tones represent charm & gracefulness, richness & perfection. It’s a great way to let someone know you care.
White roses represent purity. They stand for innocence & youthfulness. These roses represent loyalty & everlasting love.
Aqua roses similarly to Green, represent tranquility and are a beautiful gift for someone who is going through major changes in life.
Our Gold Bar roses are the ultimate luxury gift, it sends a message of respect and appreciation. As well as everlasting love, of course.
Whatever the message the answer is always flowers! Flower gifting is a beautiful gesture.It has proven to lift moods and overall atmosphere of the home. We hope this guide helps you convey the right message when you choose from over twenty beautiful shades we have in our store.
Each Fleur du Luxe rose is carefully chosen to adhere to our strict quality standards, it is then treated using Parisian technique in preserving flowers to maintain its beautiful appearance for at least year, reminding the lucky recipient the message you have chosen to send to them.
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