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Ideal Gifts For Every Zodiac Signs

We all want to surprise our loved ones with the most unique gifts ever, don't we? Well, we completely understand how hard it is to choose a gift which brings a bright smile on their faces and immense joy in their hearts. And oh, when you're done selecting a gift for them after scrolling through the Internet endlessly, you don’t get the reaction you expected from them. 

Crank it up a notch by learning about the zodiac signs and their fondness towards gifts and their colours, while a Leo would want a captivating and classic gift a libra would always love something artsy and creative due to their fondness in high art, intellectualism, and connoisseurship. 

It is usually said that not all heroes wear capes, hold on, as we are about to help you in selecting the gifts which will expand the love for you in the hearts of your loved ones. Fleur De Luxe is known for their carefully chosen roses from Ecuador and Colombia which comes in variety and last for a year. Scroll through to find a perfect gift for your folks. 

  1. Gold Rose, Center Special Round Box for Aries

With the enthusiasm to stop the world on its trail, people of this star are enthusiastic and do whatever it takes to prove their qualities, calm colours like red, light pink and white seem appealing to an Aries. 

The flowers are picked with care from Ecuador and Colombia with mushy-soft padded petals which last more than a year, Fleur Du Luxe has the best-customised flower bouquet at an exceptionally affordable price for your Aries friend, so don’t wait up and be the star of gifting. 

  1. Round box, Mixed Hydrangea Nude for Taurus

Ideal Gifts For Every Zodiac Signs

Calm as a monk, provider like a tree, a Taurus is known for its friendly nature and the humble characteristics it possesses, the aplomb nature of people of this star makes them attracted to the most soothing colours like White, Nude, Hue which is neither too catchy nor too plain. Gift this bouquet to be declared as the best gift provider in all your friends. 

  1. Everlasting Blue for Chirpy Gemini

The one who bears the power to transform nothing into something great is no one but a Gemini, the strong will and undivided attention with mirth filled in the star, a Gemini deserves nothing but all the colours of life, hence, this Everlasting Blue Bouquet would be enough to put a moon on the special day of your favourite person. 

This ‘one of a kind’ gift is customised with care and includes an eloquent handwritten card with exceptionally attractive calligraphy designed by Kim-Tran Fores from Mindful Contemporary Caligraphy. 

  1. Yellow Small Planter with Dried Flowers for Cancer


Remember the all-rounder kid in our class who always rode into the tunnel of love with every single teacher? Well, Cancer is that cool kid. A person of this sign is attracted to all the colours except black, although, they possess special likings towards the colour yellow and regard it as their success colour. 

This Dried flower bar by Fleur Du Luxe has a combination of alluring dried banksia, hydrangea, with conserved gerbera or daisy styled with bunny tails, palm spear, palm sun, amaranthus, gyp paniculate, Limonium, ruckus and numerous unusual grass mixtures and perennials.

  1. Bold and Sassy Gold Rose for Roaring Leo

Ideal Gifts For Every Zodiac Signs

No one, literally no one is more compassionate and powerful like a Leo, known as the king of a jungle, the people of this star are really fond of bold colours that set them apart from rest of the crowd. Gold, Black, Burgundy colours are some of the most preferred colours by a Leo, the flower arrangement has a single classic Forever Gold Premium Rose which is guaranteed to last for at least a year, maybe more setting an everlasting love for you in the hearts of your loved ones. 

  1. Neapolitan Kaleidoscope Roses for Virgo 

What more can a Virgo ever wish for when he is getting an eye treat of a bouquet with an arrangement of sumptuous ice-cream colours with fragile baby pink and white fern and stunning rustic fan. A Virgo is fond of calming colours, nothing too bright, nothing too dull. A person with this star tends to maintain an equilibrium when it comes to the selection of colours. 

The boutique is alluring and goes a long way, maintaining a special position for you in the eye of your loved ones. 

  1. Bondi Blue Seaside Colour  Roses for Libra 

A Libra knows how to keep it rustic and classy, the colour blue possesses peace and harmony and creates a soothing effect for the people of this star. Sparked by the ultimate Bondi Beach, this flower arrangement has every shade of blue like the ocean matched with white crispy ferny petals, this is by far the most catchy bouquet of Fleur De Luxe. 

  1. Signature Wine Roses for Scorpio

Crimson colour captivates the hearts of people of this star, a Scorpio ALWAYS chooses scarlet colour before any other colours. This signature box is carefully designed with an arrangement of 19-23 sumptuous natural aromatic roses with a tint of perfume and has an appealing wine red colour which rules over the hearts of your Scorpio friend. 

  1. Baby Blue and White for Sagittarius

Ideal Gifts For Every Zodiac Signs

    Every Wonder why a Sagittarius friend never gets enough of Blue colour? Blue is an earthly and soothing colour for people of this star, it helps calm them down on a nervous time, so surprise your Sagittarius friend with a Mixed Hydrangea Baby Blue: Round Box which has an arrangement of baby blue roses with white roses, to crank it up a notch, you can request Fleur De Luxexe to add a baby message inside the lid. 

    1. Paint it all Black, Velvet Rose for Capricorn

    Black shoes, black dress, everything black, well, if you want to impress a Capricorn, trust us, just gift them their favourite material in black colour and they’re already fond of you. This Acrylic single classy black rose is an exemplary gift to surprise your friend and bring unparalleled joy in their lives. 

    The exclusive velvet black rose is plucked with care from Ecuador/Colombia and is preserved with Perisian technique so that the flower remains good for at least a year. This gift lasts longer than other flower arrangements due to its high quality and longer duration of natural freshness. 

    1. Pale Lilac Roses for Aquarius 

      The sweetest gesture one can ever make in the life of an Aquarius is by surprising them with unique flowers of their rarely favourite colour. These Lilac roses will consist of 9 mini roses packed in a box and decorated with a cute knot over the box and will be as fresh as the time it was gifted for a year without replenishing it with any additional care. Gift your loved ones a bright smile this year, on their special day at an affordable price. 

      1. Golden and White Roses for Pisces

      Known for their restless nature, a Pisces finds calm colours like off-yellow, baby yellow and White as his signature colour. Snuggled in a mini pot, the flowers are fresh and classic with feral rustic charm combined with chic botanical techniques to preserve the flower at least for a year, this arrangement has White hydrangea with golden ending spawning over the pot with mini white roses with sumptuous petals, gyp paniculate, Limonium ruckus and numerable other grass variety makes this an irresistible gift for your Pisces friend. 

      Imagine the joy of your friend when he gets an unmatchable gift which is not only a treat to the bare eye but can be used for multiple purposes, mainly to decore the interior of his house, and oh, the additional joy when they get to know that the flowers would not rot away and smell after a couple of days but they will increase the beauty of their household for at least a year. Fleur De Luxe has made gifting easy with their customised flower products along with baby inscriptions for the recipient. 

      So fellas, do not wait up, scroll right away and find a perfect match for your perfect match on their special day.

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