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Unique Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones

Birthdays are the only days when we feel like the protagonist in the story of this world, kids, youngsters and even the old ones, this day gives a flashback of memory with all the loved ones around you, cherishing your presence and singing you a song while you stand over there taking mental pictures of that happy moment. 

Presents are like souvenirs that we get from a happy place to let the person know how much they matter, don’t we all start the gift hunt from a month before the special day of our loved one arrives? Even after scrolling through our screen all day, looking for gift ideas to bring a broad smile on the face of our loved ones, we fail. If you are done looking for perfect gifts, we are here to help you out. Choosing gifts can be a difficult task especially if the person we are picking the gift for is very selective about the purchases. 

Flowers are something that never runs out of the best options to give. Be it your lover who is extremely fond of the red roses to let the feeling of romanticism come alive or your parents who like to live in a house surrounded by the beauty of nature. Fleur Du Luxe is a lavish flower boutique to make your happy moments last. Not only do they specialize in flower arrangements but they have also included a technique, adapted from Parish which makes the flowers last for an entire year as fresh as gifted. The flowers are real, freshly cut from the branches, and maintained with the use of natural non-toxic oil and colors which are similar to food dye. 

The variety of flowers is then finally placed and packed in a Persian style hat available in two colors. 

We are listing some of the products along with the pictures to make gifting options easier for you.

  1. Round Box flowers

These round box flowers come in different varieties, the one in the picture is Mixed Hydrangea Baby Pink. The patterns of the flowers are designed in a combination of premium Roses along with sumptuous Hydrangeas placed in a black or white box, the height of the box is 22 cm * 18 cm. All the flowers will stay as fresh as gifted until one year (guaranteed). You can also add a personalized baby message for your loved ones inside the lid on special demand. 

  1. Dried Flowers with Cement Vase + Pink Hues 

The fresh-scented flower bouquet has 9 Roses which are obtained from Ecuador and Colombia picked by the professionals to abide by the quality assurance they provide.  The flowers are arranged beautifully in a dual-color box of 13*13*11.5 cm and must be kept away from moisture or sunlight to maintain the freshness for more than a year. 

The light-pink color of the flower and the attractive packing makes it a perfect birthday gift for your loved ones to cherish the memories by looking at the bouquet even after a year. 

The flower comes in 11 different varieties and the box comes in two colors which are black and white.

  1. Dried Flowers in a Cement Pot: Pink Hues

This raw and delicate beauty is arranged in a cement pot with hydrangea infinity roses making them a wonderful gift to design the interior of your home effortlessly. This gift is a creation of brutish quaint beauty combined with modern botanical facilities giving birth to this withered perennial bar. 

This is an exemplary gift idea for birthdays, weddings, christening, or you can also gift it to yourself to decorate your interior and give it a chic touch. 

The pot is waterproof and goes by the dimension 10*20 cm. (The received vase may be a little different than the vase shown in the picture) 

  1. Gold Roses: Latest Lavish Huge Round Box 

The flowers used in the arrangement are derived from Ecuador and Colombia, chosen after keenly observing, adhering to their stern essence criterion. The flowers maintain their freshness even after a year due to their Perisian preserving treatment, however, the flower should be kept away from the heat, direct sunlight, and moisture. 

The gorgeous golden roses can be gifted as a birthday present and astonish your loved one with its royal look and metallic colors. 

  1. Kerrie Hess Limited Edition Round Box

This is a wonderful collaboration of the illustrator Kerrie Hess and Fleur Du Luxe, in her words 'I was inspired by a mix of Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris, pale pink French roses and layers of pink tulle.' The alluring box, packed with twelve to seventeen premium roses gives a lot of Parisian vibe out of it and is a gift worth giving to your loved ones.  

The flowers packed in the box are chosen from Ecuador and Colombia to abide by the company’s quality standards and comen in 11 different variety to please the color needs of your loved ones. 

  1. Round Box: Multi-Colour 

This gift will surely bring a bright smile on the face of your special person.  The attractive colorful arrangement of the flowers contains 12 signature roses in a round box which is available in two colors- black and white. 

The combination includes sober white roses, quaint light purple roses, baby pink roses, wine-dark roses, and attractive dark purple roses. The flowers are placed considering their brightness and color combination in order to make it attractive. Gift this alluring flower bouquet to the special person on their special day. 

Unique Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones

  1. Dried Flowers: Mini Mix + Pot

For the occasion when you want something cute, offbeat, and rare! This gift arrangement has sumptuous Hydragenea, perpetual Rose, and a medley of dried perennials and attractive grass, packed in a white matte pot which makes it an exemplary gift to surprise your loved ones and make them fall in love with you. 

This beautiful gift is not only dirt cheap but it also stays in your house, increasing the beauty for 3 years as fresh as gifted. Yes, the company provides a three-year guarantee on this baby surprise for your special people. 

The flower variety comes in 11 different colors and arrangements which is why this is the most preferred gift from Fleur Du Luxe. 

Unique Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones

  1. Acrylic Box: Royal Single Rose, Velvet Black

The mini box contains one big velvet black rose which has a fine touch of royalty and sharpness to hypnotize anyone with its classiness. The flower used in this arrangement is picked from Ecuador and Colombia, the flower is chosen so that it fulfills the quality requirement of the company. 

This gift will be as good as the time when gifted for more than one year and will always remind your loved one of you. This gift comes in 11 different varieties for color preferences, you can ask the store to put a complimentary gift card as well. 

  1. Dried Flowers: Small Bouquet Red Hues 

The flower speaks for itself, “Pick me up” is written all over the flower due to its unparalleled beauty that it possesses. The flower compliments with any bouquet in the house due to the multi-colored arrangement of the gift, which is a gorgeous combination of parched daisies, bunny tails, multi-colored ferns, and grasses, lasting for more than a year, bringing a wide smile on your face every time you look at it. 

This gift is indubitable perfect for surprising your loved ones on their birth anniversary but it also makes a perfect gift for marriage, christening, or any event, you can also gift it to yourself and design your interior in a unique way. 

This parched flower bar is made on special requests of the customers, the excoriated and classy natural beauty combined with modern botanical technologies to make dreams come true in the form of gifts. 

Unique Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones

  1. Round Box: Preserved Peonies + Hydrangea + Roses Summer Mix 

This Forever summer mixed flower arrangement has elegance pouring out of the pot due to its simple yet Oh, So Elegant! Nature. The desiccated Peonies have finally arrived in the gift section and combined with mixed multi-colored gorgeous roses to attract the attention of the viewers in the first sight. The combination contains sumptuous Hydrangeas, peonies, and mums to china rose. 

The combination can either be packed in a white, quaint yet elegant white Perisian box or classy and bold black Perisian box and lasts more than a year to compliment your loved ones alluring house. 

Surprises always remind us of the person they have been gifted by, so why surf through the internet searching for perfect gits when you have already got it? These subtle and beautiful gifts are designed in such a manner that they go with every event from a wedding to a christening or a bachelor’s party to a baby shower. The flowers are scented, beautiful, and are good for more than a year, so wait no more, gift these surprises to bring a bright smile on the faces of your loved ones.

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