Fleur Du Luxe


Real premium flowers that last a year!

Fleur Du Luxe is a luxury flower boutique shipping bespoke flower arrangements & gift hampers worldwide. We specialise in beautiful flower arrangements presented in our unique Parisian inspired signature hatboxes. Our luxurious arrangements are designed using specially treated flowers that last for up to a year, with no water required.

We stock the most incredible colours, from black to rainbow as well as metallic and gorgeous classic red roses. 

We also specialise in other specially preserved flowers. These include lovely hydrangeas, lilies and carnations available seasonally.

Pioneers in stocking real roses that last a year, with Fleur Du Luxe you are guaranteed to receive quality beautiful products that are sure to impress.



To introduce luxury flowers as part of our gift giving culture.

To bring the most incredible eternity, roses that last a year as well as other flowers preserved to perfection.

To spread more joy with gifts that put a smile on your face.



Specialising in providing the most unique coloured roses, we pride ourselves on being passionate about flowers combined with our love for fashion.

Every arrangement is created by our very own floral design specialist to the Fleur Du Luxe highest quality and standards.

Our collections will include our classic colours available every season, as well as special occasion seasonal arrangements. We also love custom orders and will work very closely with you to create the most unique and stunning arrangement for any occasion.



The flowers used in our arrangements come from Ecuador and Colombia, carefully chosen to adhere to our strict quality standards. Using Parisian technique in preserving flowers, Fleur Du Luxe Fleur Forever arrangements will maintain its beautiful appearance much longer than other flower arrangements.



Fleur Du Luxe offers courier service delivering worldwide, to over 75 countries!



Using Fleur Du Luxe Fleur Forever arrangements will save you or your business a lot of money with no sacrifice on beauty or quality. Our specially treated flowers give business owners such as hoteliers, hairdressers, spa owners and fine dining restaurant and bar operators a way of up keeping the inviting atmosphere of having floral arrangements in the room without spending a fortune each week. 




Fleur Du Luxe is committed to sustainable development. We believe that by caring for our environment, we can cultivate the most beautiful flowers. We use suppliers who conduct eco-friendly production practices both in the farms and factory. Both used and rain water are recycled. Flowers are also recycled to make compost, or organic fertilizer. Further, Fleur Du Luxe is produced using harmless colorants commonly used in food or toy manufacturing.

Fleur Du Luxe are natural flowers that have been specially treated to maintain their fresh look and softness for several months. 

Fleur Du Luxe Fleur Forever flowers are non-toxic, noncorrosive, non-carcinogenic, non-flammable, non- explosive and not chemically-reactive and therefore they do not represent any risk for the human health nor for the environment.