Collection: Custom

We have an exclusive range available for iconic designer boxes. All our boxes used are authentic and are filled with our Fleur Forever range to make an amazing statement piece that lasts for over a year! This is a perfect arrangement for you to enjoy or gift to the Fashionista in your life. All designer boxes arrangements are a one off and number of rose buds used will vary with each arrangement. Limited availability. 


Your Beloved Boxes

Do you have a box that holds sentimental value to you or a box that you love but has no use? Contact our team to discuss how we can fill it with our amazing blooms to make it a statement piece for you to enjoy for up to a year!


Special Design

If you wish to mix colours, create an ombre arrangement, a loveheart shape or any other amazing ideas you may have, please share with our team and we will work very closely with you to create the most unique and stunning arrangement for any occasion.

Email to obtain a tailor made quote.