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Fleur Du Luxe

GOLD ROSES Square Box: Limited Edition

GOLD ROSES Square Box: Limited Edition

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GOLD ROSES: Special Edition Square Box

Elevate your gifting game with our exquisite Special Edition Gold Rose Arrangement. This luxurious square box is designed to surprise and delight your loved one.

At the heart of this arrangement lies a single Gold Rose, meticulously placed to add an extra touch of opulence. Crafted to perfection, our roses are guaranteed to last for at least a year, making them the perfect gift that keeps on giving.

  • The arrangement features 9 Signature Roses in two captivating colors, with rose buds ranging from 4 to 6 centimeters in size. Presented in our elegant Small Square Box, measuring 13 x 13 x 11.5cm.
  • Each rose is carefully sourced from Ecuador and Colombia, handpicked to meet our stringent quality standards. Through the Parisian technique of preserving flowers, our Fleur Du Luxe Fleur Forever arrangements retain their exquisite beauty for much longer, provided they are kept away from direct sunlight, excessive heat, and moisture.
  • Rest assured, our roses are backed by the assurance of lasting at least 1 year, ensuring that your special someone will relish their gift day after day.

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